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Dear Priest Lake Fit members:

First, I would like to thank each and every member that has supported my small side business for the last few years.  After much contemplation, PL Fit will close on April 30, 2024.  Due to demands outside the PL Fit community, my schedule has become increasingly chaotic and I am unable to fully commit to a regular schedule for the 2024 season. 

Although PL Fit is closing, I highly encourage each of you to check out and join Black Robe Fitness (, located in the same space as PL Fit.  They offer functional fitness classes several days per week.   Jim and Leslie Thompson are incredible fitness coaches and have helped several individuals at the lake meet their goals.


For individuals with classes left on their account after April 30, 2024, you will receive a refund via your original payment method.   In the meantime, wheels and weights will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and some Saturdays (with Katie Masoner) until April 30.   I have also reduced the drop in rate to $10 if you would like to attend class without purchasing a class pack.  

Lastly, I will be offering my spin bikes and some of my equipment for sale after April 30. (Keiser's $850, Lifecycles $450).  If you are interested in a bike, please reach out to me via phone (208)610-5852 or email

Again, I would like to thank you all for your patronage and please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

Tiffany Storro

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